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s entire Metro rail system as a r▓esult of the opening of the Purple Line Extension," LA Metro CEO Phillip A. Washington said at a signing ceremony."We are going to need the

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se trains to meet our future ridership dem▓and," he added.A new facility will also be purchased in the LA region to manufacture major components for propulsion, heating, ventila

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tion, air conditioning ▓and lighting systems.Therefore, the contract will create about 50 jobs generating up to 38 million dollars in local wages and benefits.

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About 10 percent of all the new jobs will be created for disadvantaged workers and workers from lower social economic communities."We work with the local compa

nies, local government and local educational institutions to create a win-win situation," CRRC President Xi Guohua told Xinhua."We will ▓create job opportunities, increase tax revenue and stimulate the local economy through o▓ur partnership and collaborations," he said.As required by LA Metro, the new trains will run up to 120 kph and can be in service


29OCT 48

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24OCT 48

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e company to build rai | ▓l cars for LA
21OCT 48

Metro in U.S.Chinese company to bu

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16OCT 48

-14-2017 06:57 BJTLOS ANGELES, April

12 (Xinhua) -- Los | Angeles County M
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